What Size Curtain For A Shower Stall?

You need shower curtains that are at least 54×78 inches for shower stalls and walk-in showers. It’s a good idea to keep the from splashing onto the floor in the 78” size.

How do I know what size shower curtain I need?

It’s important to remember that you want a shower curtain that’s a bit wider than your shower. It hangs with folds instead of being fully taut when you pull it closed. Adding 12 inches to the shower’s width is a good way to make sure this happens.

Can I use a shower curtain in a shower stall?

If you want to use a shower curtain with a walk in shower, the best style is weighted at the bottom or made from a heavier material.

How do you pick a shower curtain for a small bathroom?

A clear shower curtain can be used in smaller spaces to open up the space and allow more light to move through it. Light colored fabrics and walls can be used to make a small room look bigger.

How wide is a shower stall?

The average walk-in shower in the U.S. is 60″ x 30″ and can be either rectangular or square. Most experts recommend a shower enclosure of at least 36″ x 36″.

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Should a shower curtain touch the floor?

The shower curtain doesn’t have to touch the floor. The reason for this is that it will help prevent the curtain’s bottom from getting too wet. The curtain hem should be at least two inches from the bathroom floor.


Does a walk-in shower need a shower curtain?

Walk-in showers don’t require a curtain or door to block the spray of water, which makes them a more spacious, open look than standard stalls.

Can you replace shower doors with a curtain?

If you want to replace your shower doors with a curtain, it’s very easy to do. There are a lot of good reasons to change them out. They have to work in the way of cleaning and bathing.

Do shower curtains go inside or outside the shower?

Regardless of what the curtain is made of, it has to be inside the tub. Water from the shower will leak out between the tub and the shower curtain if you leave the curtain hanging outside.

What colors make a small bathroom look bigger?

What color makes a bathroom look bigger? Light colors such as white, crme, pastel blue, gray or yellow will visually expand a room, while dark colors such as a deep red, green or brown will make a room feel small.

Are shower curtains universal size?

The dimensions of the shower curtain fit most showers. There isn’t much room for error because they are only slightly different. 70 x 70 inches is the average size of shower curtains.

How many inches off the floor should a shower curtain hang?

The curtain rod needs to be at least 75 to 77 inches from the floor. The shower curtain won’t touch the floor if it’s higher.

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How do you judge curtain sizes?

Measure the full width of the curtain pole or track, not the window, to make sure there are no obstructions. Double this width measurement to account for how the curtains will be gathered at the top.

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