What Is The Widest Curtain You Can Buy?

What is the maximum width of a curtain?

Ready-made curtains are available in three different lengths. The width that matches the size of the pole is what you should choose.

What widths do curtains come in?

Depending on the type of curtain you are using, there are a couple of standard sizes. There are 120 inches of curtain panels that are 48 inches wide. The most common width for tier curtain panels is 45 inches, but they can be 24 and 36 inches long.

How wide should curtains be for 120 inch window?

For a 120 inch window, you need curtains with a finished width of at least 1.5 times that, but better are those with twice that width and even 3 times the width for sheers. For a 120 inch window, there are two panels of 120 inches each for twice the width and a luxurious gather.

How wide should curtains be for 100 inch window?

To hang off the window when in the open position, the curtains need to be made to 125 inches wide. Measure from one edge of the frame to the other edge of the curtain.


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How wide should my curtains be for a 72 inch window?

If your window width is more than 72 inches, you should buy a curtain that is at least 144 inches wide. If you rounded the figure off to the next full number, it would be even better.

Should curtains hit the floor?

It’s a question of whether curtains should touch the floor. The answer is yes most of the time. It’s important to consider all aspects of style and function when choosing window treatments, whether they’re drapes, blinds, or shades.

How far should curtains be off the floor?

Dust can be easily collected if curtains drag on the floor. Just above the floor is where curtains should be for the ideal middle ground. Measure from the floor to where you will hang the rod to find the right curtain length.

What are big curtains called?

The drapes are lined with heavy fabric to block out light. The visible fabric of drapes is heavy and stiff, with materials such as velvet and silk.

What curtains are in style 2022?

The cleaner, earthier colors of the curtains are in line with the minimalist approach to drapery. Cream, white or slate gray are neutral colors that can be used to drape curtains. You could also use olive, forest green or deep blue.

When buying ready made curtains is the width per curtain?

The ready-made curtains come in a wide range of sizes: 116 cm (46”), 168 cm (66”) or 229 cm (90”). Measure the length of the rail or pole, not the window, to find out which one is needed. The measurement is the width of the curtain and it means that they will have a full gather even when closed.

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Are ready made curtains measured per curtain?

The curtains are sold in pairs and the sizes are stated. In a pair of curtains 46″ wide x 54″ long, there are two curtains, each measuring 46″ wide.

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