Should Nightstand And Dresser Match?

Do your nightstands have to match your dresser?

It’s not mandatory for the two items to match. The furniture in your bedroom should complement each other and coordinate with the rest of the room’s décor. It is possible for these pieces to complement each other.

Is it OK to have mismatched bedroom furniture?

Do you think it’s okay to mix and match bedroom furniture? Yes and definitely! There are no matching bedroom sets anymore. You can mix and match different furniture pieces in your bedroom to make it look more interesting.

Does my dresser need to match my bed?

It is possible to make a color. Matching furniture color to furniture color is not something that should be considered. If you want to coordinate your furniture with the rest of the room, you need to think about it. The lighting, window treatments, artwork, or rug in the room can be coordinated with your bed, nightstand, or other piece of furniture.

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Should your bed and nightstands match?

You don’t need to match the nightstands in your room. Mismatched nightstands can add an original vibe to your bedroom, and even though some experts suggest that you choose nightstands that are the same colors and made from the same material, there are very few rules to follow if you choose a different route.

What color nightstands go with dark wood bed?

I think going with a contrasting color would be a good idea. The dark wood bed can be tied in a subtle way if the pieces are dark.


Should all your furniture be the same color?

It’s not necessary to have the same colour or wood tone for your furniture to coordinate. A cohesive and well-designed room can be made up of different styles, finishes, and fabrics.

How do you break up a matching bedroom set?

You don’t have to buy every set because furniture companies make matching sets. It was being coordinated. There is only one piece. That’s it.

Can you have different color furniture in a room?

Is it possible to mix different colors of furniture in a room? Absolutely, that’s right! Wood is an example of a common thread that can be used to bring different colored pieces together. It’s important to strike a balance between the wood tones you choose and the ones you don’t.

Is it OK to have mismatched furniture?

If you want to downplay multiple pieces that are different, you need something that ties together randomness. Bringing in a few key pieces to create a balanced and cohesive look is something that can be done with mismatched furniture. Studio Ten 25 was founded by Abbe Fenimore.

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Can you mix brown and white bedroom furniture?

We have all the answers you are looking for. White and brown furniture are the same color. It’s a good idea to use all shades of brown furniture, from light to dark, if you want to go well with white. You can read more about how to pair white with furniture.

What Colour should bedside tables be?

If you want to make your room feel clean and airy, it is best to use a white colored nightstand. Light and dark wooden finishes can match any decor.

How do you style mismatched nightstands?

To maintain a harmonious look, balance the nightstands with the light fixture. Whether your preferred bedside lighting is a table lamp, industrial task light, wall lamp, pendant light, or chandelier is up to you.

How do you mismatch nightstands?

Pick a couple that have similar shape, size and broadly fit into the same style spectrum if your bedroom has a set theme and style. Even if they have completely different finishes, the look is still cohesive.

Can you use a dresser as a nightstand?

If you have a lot of space and want more storage, a small dressers can be used as a nightstands. The mattress is a little higher than the drawer.

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