Should Bedside Tables Match?

You don’t have to match your nightstand if you want to bring personality and eclectic-ness to your home.

Can bedside tables be different?

There are different materials, finishes and heights to choose from. It’s an art to make a pair of nightstands look the same. Each piece should contribute to the finished look of your bedroom, as it should feel balanced and considered.

Do bedside tables have to match dresser?

It’s not mandatory for the two items to match. The furniture in your bedroom should complement each other and coordinate with the rest of the room’s décor.

Is it OK to mix and match bedroom furniture?

It is possible to blend colors, woods and finishes. If you are wondering how to mix and match wood furniture in a bedroom, don’t be afraid to ask. It’s no longer a problem to mix wood finishes in a bedroom. The mismatching will make the room stand out.

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What color should bedside table?

It’s easy to blend in with most decor types if you use the white nightstand colour. If you are going to choose a dark nightstand, you should consider the other furniture and décor choices in your room to make sure you don’t end up with a dark room.

Does bedside table decor have to match?

Bedside tables don’t have to match the bed at all. In this post, we are going to show you how to decorate your room without having to match the tables to the bed.

Are mismatched nightstands OK?

You don’t need to match the nightstands in your room. Mismatched nightstands can add an original vibe to your bedroom, and even though some experts suggest that you choose nightstands that are the same colors and made from the same material, there are very few rules to follow if you choose a different route.


Is it OK to have furniture that doesn’t match?

It’s not necessary to have the same colour or wood tone for your furniture to coordinate. A cohesive and well-designed room can be made up of different styles, finishes, and fabrics.

Is it OK to have non matching furniture?

The short answer is that you don’t need to match your furniture in your living room, and that it won’t make it better. Do you want the answer for a long time? Continue to read! By the end of the article, you will be able to create a cohesive space.

What looks good on a bedside table?

A plant, large vase of flowers or a large vase are the best bets. There are a lot of small items on the table that hangs over the bedside. There is a large gap between the two items. A tall’moment’ is the best solution for this situation.

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Is matching bedroom set tacky?

I don’t think so. It isn’t necessary for bedroom furniture to complement each other. Adding a natural flair to your room with an added dose of personality is what you can do if you mix and match.

Can you mix dark and light wood furniture in a bedroom?

It is always chic to mix a dark wood with a light wood. You can use a rug to act as a buffer if you are starting with a wood floor and adding new wood tones.

How do you pick a nightstand color?

A nightstand with colors that compliment the room you’re putting it in is a good choice. Pick a color that will complement or contrast the other furniture in the room.

Should I have 1 or 2 bedside tables?

The rule does not require you to have two nightstands. It is dependent on your storage needs and your style. A lot of people prefer to have two nightstands in the bedroom because they help achieve symmetry in the design and increase storage space.

Can you have different color nightstands?

When it comes to nightstands, keeping the same tones is a good way to make them look good without matching. If you’re starting with a vintage model, look for another one that has a walnuts finish.


Is it OK to have two different bedside lamps?

Matching lamps are the most common way to illuminate a room, even though it depends on the arrangement of the room. The bed is usually the most important part of a bedroom, but there are other additions and adjustments that need to be made.

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Do bedside tables have to be the same height?

The nightstand is usually the same height as the mattress or a few inches taller than that. Most night tables are between 24 and 28 inches tall, with the average mattress height being 25 inches. What is that thing?

Can you mix and match bedside lamps?

There are two lamps in the room. It was Fugged about it! The bedroom is a great place for lamp lovers. If you combine table lamps, office lamps, sconces, standing lamps and chandeliers, you can show off your style and save money.

Can I have 2 different nightstands?

Twin bedside tables feel too matchy matchy, an outdated relic from the days of mass-produced matching furniture sets. Many interior designers choose to mix and match nightstands.

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