How To Keep Shower Curtain Rod From Falling?

The shower curtain rod should be hung at an angle and one end should be higher than the other. If you slide that end down, the rod will hang straight. The felt pads help it slide down the wall.

How do I keep my shower curtain rod from falling down?

The rubber caps on tension rods are so inflexible that they can’t be held on smooth surfaces. If you want to fix it, you can glue rubber shelf lining to the ends with strong glue.

How do I get my shower curtain rod to stay up?

The shower curtain rod can be stuck with one pad per end. The curtain should be adjusted in a way that it is a few inches longer than the shower. The rod should be hung at an angle where one end is higher than the other. You can see the rod hanging in a straight position by sliding it down.

How do you fix a curtain rod that fell off the wall?

To make sure the rod stays in the wall, you’ll need patching compound and extra support.


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