How To Install Double Drawer Pulls?

When should a drawer have two pulls?

Both knobs and pulls are needed for drawers wider than 18 inches. If the drawer is wide enough to have two knobs, they should be set 1/6th of the drawer length. Pulls and knobs should be higher than the center of the drawer.

Where do you put two knobs on dresser drawers?

The knobs should be in the center of the panel for standard drawers because they are centered vertically. If you prefer, you can put knobs in the top third of the drawer or the top rail.

What is the rule of thumb for cabinet hardware?

It is a good rule of thumb to use a pull that is 1/3 of the drawer’s length. If you’re in between sizes, increase your size. The 1/3 rule does not apply to cabinets. If you want to go for a more contemporary look, pull between 5 and 7 for uppers.


Where should drawer pulls be placed?

The middle of the drawer panel is where the cabinet pulls are usually installed. The high touch finishing look for your cabinets is created by this. A second pull can be added to a drawer if it is 24” or larger.

Where should cabinet pulls be mounted?

The cabinet door handles are put on the opposite side of the door hinges. They should be placed between 1” and 4” from the top of the door.

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Are knobs or pulls better for kitchen cabinets?

There aren’t any rules to follow when choosing between a knob or pull. knobs for doors and pulls for drawers are preferred. Pull any large door, including a pantry and pull-out door, if you want to.

Where do you put handles on drawers?

Pulls should be placed in a horizontal position. If your drawers are less than 24” wide, center the knobs or pulls in either direction. Pulls should be placed in a similar fashion to large drawers. The drawer rail starts at the very top of the drawer panel.

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