How Tall Should My Nightstand Lamp Be?

If your nightstand is the same height as your mattress, then you should look for a lamp that is the same height as your nightstand. If you have a nightstand that is 24 inches high, a lamp that is 27 inches tall is the best choice.

Where should a lamp be placed on a nightstand?

Table lamps can be placed on either side of the bed on the nightstands for easy access. A floor lamp next to the bed can be a great replacement if there is not a lot of room.

How tall should a lamp be on a bedroom dresser?

The height of the drawer can affect the height of the lamps. If the furniture is over 40 inches tall, choose a lamp that is less than 24 inches. The lamp should be at least 32 inches in height if the drawer is 30 inches high.


Is it OK to have two different bedside lamps?

Matching lamps are the most common way to illuminate a room, even though it depends on the arrangement of the room. The bed is the most important part of a bedroom, but other additions and adjustments are needed to complete the room.

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Can a lamp be too big for room?

The lamp shade shouldn’t be larger than the table, and the table lamp shouldn’t be more than 1 12 times the height of the table. Less active areas in the room are good places to put light weight lamps.

Should lamp be centered on nightstand?

The mirror should be centered over the nightstand by about 3 to 4 inches. A bedside lamp can either be placed in front of the mirror or moved away from the bed.

What kind of lamp goes on a nightstand?

A lamp that is between 24 and 27 inches tall is a good bet. The bulb on the lamp will show when it is reclined. The lamp is 30 inches in height and the nightstands are between 25 and 30 inches.

Is 30 inches too high for nightstand?

Today’s nightstands are between 24 and 30 inches in height. 25 inches from the floor to the top of the mattress is how long the beds are. The nightstand should be between the top of the mattress and the nightstand.


How tall is too tall for a table lamp?

A good rule of thumb is that your table lamp should be at eye level when you’re sitting near it, or at least 58” from the floor. The diameter of the lamp shade and the height of the table lamps should be smaller than the width of the surface.

Are bedside tables higher or lower than bed?

Bedside tables should be the same height as the top of your mattress, but should not be lower. When you’re laying in bed, it’s easy to reach across or upwards to grab something, but it’s difficult to reach down.

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Can bedside tables be different heights?

There are different materials, finishes and heights to choose from. It’s an art to make a pair of nightstands look the same. The bedroom’s composition should still be balanced and considered, and each piece should contribute to the finished look.

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