How Much Weight Can Ikea Dresser Hold?

Can an Ikea dresser hold a TV?

If you have an entertainment room, you can put the Ikea furniture in it. It’s a good idea to use the dresser as a TV stand. You can use the drawers to store remotes, consoles, and video games, and it is sturdy enough to hold your TV.

How much weight can Malm chest of drawers take?

The letter says that the Malm doesn’t meet voluntary industry standards that require drawers to be at least 50 pounds in weight.

Do you have to anchor Ikea dresser to wall?

Storage units, tall items, and sets of drawers are the only items that need to be attached to the wall. They don’t have to be anchored, but this is a very important precautionary measure. IKEA furniture does not void warranty.

Can you use a dresser as a TV stand?

There are a lot of reasons to love a dressers as a TV stand. Modern TVs have a pretty sophisticated foundation built in. They are an affordable option in living rooms and family rooms, because most nice looking TV stands can be expensive.

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Can an Ikea desk hold a fish tank?

Solid pine wood should be able to support an aquarium of 50g. The post is correct that most of the stands are made of particle board and should be sealed and treated.


What weight can Malm hold?

Use a damp cloth to wipe clean. The maximum weight of the ottoman bed is 88 lbs. The slatted base can fall if the mattress is too heavy.

Can I use a dresser as an aquarium stand?

It will be fine if it’s a good sturdy type. I’ve used one before. If you want the entire tank to sit on without hanging over the edge, make sure it’s large. If you can find one that was built a long time ago, it will be more sturdy.

Is Ikea discontinuing Malm?

The first toddler deaths were reported in 2016 and Ikea decided to stop selling the furniture line.

How do I stop my drawers from tipping over?

If you want to keep furniture from tipping over, you need to secure one anchor or brackets to the wall. You can attach a second anchor to your furniture. To make sure the anchor is firmly attached, link it with a tether and adjust it as needed.

Is IKEA Malm dresser safe?

There is a serious tip-over hazard with the MALM and other chests and drawers. The recalled chests and dressers can be dangerous if they are not properly anchored to the wall.

Does IKEA provide anchors?

Free wall anchoring kits for many of its children and adult furniture can be found online and at any of its stores.

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Can you use a bookshelf as a TV stand?

Most bookshelves don’t have wire management holes like entertainment centers do. Pick a bookshelf with a backing that you can poke holes into or that you can leave off completely.

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