How Much Curtain Fabric Do I Need Calculator?

How do I calculate how much fabric I need for curtains?

You can use a simple calculation to figure out how much curtain fabric is needed. First, take the track width and divide it by the number of people. The pole is 150 cm wide x 2.5 cm tall. Divide the figure by the fabric width, which is usually 137 cm.

How do I calculate how many curtains I need?

Take a look at the width of the window. 24 inches total is added to each side. Take the total number and divide it by the number of panels you want in the window.

How many yards of fabric do I need for 2 curtains?

If you add 6 inches to your curtain length, each panel will need 90 inches of fabric length for a total of 180 inches. You’ll need a total of 5 yards to make both panels if you divide by 36.


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How do I calculate how much material I need?

The length in feet is divided by the width in feet. Divide the total by 27 to figure out the amount of space in the yard. The final figure is the amount that is required.

How many curtains do I need for a 72 inch window?

If your window is 36″ wide, you need curtains that will fit in a minimum width of 72″ or 2 panels for that window. The panels will give about 100″ to 120″ of width, which will look great. The next full number should be rounded up.

How far below the window should curtains hang?

Below the window apron is a small area. It was crisp and unfussy. apron curtain lengths are still practical despite the fact that they aren’t as popular. Dust and dirt won’t get into your curtains and they will be easy to open and close.

How much fabric do I need for 96 inch curtains?

A standard single panel width of rod pocket drapes with a length of 96 inches will require about 6 to 1/6 to 1/6 yards of fabric for a pair, but the yardage can increase substantially when large pattern repeats, special headers, and extra fullness are introduced.

How wide should curtains be for 72 inch window?

Standard, thick curtains should be used to cover the window. You will want to look for curtains that are at least 120 inches wide. It’s important to remember that this is the total width to aim for, not the width for each curtain if you plan on having two.

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How wide should curtains be for 100 inch window?

To hang off the window when in the open position, the curtains need to be made to 125 inches wide. Measure from one edge of the frame to the other edge of the curtain.

How wide should curtains be for 60 inch window?

How wide should the curtains be? If you want to use a 60 inch window, you need curtains with a finished width at least 1.5 times that, but better are those with twice that width and even three times the width for sheers.


How do I measure curtain width?

Take a steel tape measure and take the full length of your pole or track. If you want to make pencil pleats on a curtain pole, measure from the eye of the curtain rings, while if you want to make pencil pleats on a track, start at the top of the track.

Are curtains supposed to touch the floor?

There should be curtains that are long enough to touch the floor. The longer the curtains are, the more stylish and elegant they will be. The curtains are long because of this. There are different curtain lengths used by different decorating styles.

Should curtains go to the ceiling?

The higher the curtain rod, the taller the window will be. They should sit above the window frame.

Should all curtains be the same length?

Unless you have very low ceilings, you should avoid anything that is less than 96 inches. If you’re unsure, go with long curtains instead of short ones. You may need custom curtains if you can’t find ready-made ones.

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What does 1 yard of fabric look like?

A yard of fabric is over 3 feet in length and over one foot in width. It looks like you have double the width of your shoulder. The width is not described in a yard of fabric. Depending on the fabric width, it can be from 43′′ to 60′′.

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