How Many Inches Should Nightstand Be From Bed?

The average bedside table should be between 24 and 28 inches in height, giving you 25 inches from the floor to the mattress, according to the advice given by Lau.

How close should nightstands be to a bed?

We are told by most designers to keep at least two feet of space around the bed. It’s important that you have enough room to move around in when you make the bed. Bedside tables should be at least two feet away from the wall.

What is the standard height for a nightstand?

Today’s nightstands are between 24 and 30 inches in height. 25 inches from the floor to the top of the mattress is how long the beds are. The nightstand should be between the top of the mattress and the nightstand. There are a lot of variables in frames and mattresses.

How much space should be between bed and dresser?

You should have at least three feet of space between your bed and the dresser if you put it beside it.


Can nightstand be shorter than bed?

They are able to be different heights. There are different bed heights that nightstand sellers need to accommodate. nightstand height varies from 24”-28” inches to over 30”

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What makes a good bedside table?

The height of your bedside table should be no more than 2 inches higher than the mattress. What is it about that? You want a piece that’s easy to reach when you’re laying down. Two inches above the mattress makes it easy to reach for that glass of water.

How wide is a typical nightstand?

There is a nightstand in this picture. A nightstand is a must have in a bedroom, a place to put your phone, reading material and alarm clock. Each side of the bed has a pair of nightstandes. nightstand is an average size with a width of 20 and a depth of 20.

How much space do you need for a king bed and two nightstands?

A bedroom that is 14 feet by 19 feet can hold a King-size Bed, two nightstands on either side of the bed, a love seat, ottoman, TV stand and a drawer. A small bedroom at 12 feet by 12 feet can hold a King-sized bed with two nightstands and a drawer.

Should you have 2 bedside tables?

The rule does not require you to have two nightstands. It is dependent on your storage needs and your style. A lot of people prefer to have two nightstands in the bedroom because they help achieve symmetry in the design and increase storage space.

Where do you put a nightstand?

You want your nightstand to be the same height as the top of your mattress so that you can easily get to it. The scale should be in the nightstand.

How wide should a nightstand be?

Standard nightstands are best with full- or queen-sized beds because of their wide width. The wide nightstands are perfect for king or California king beds.

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Can you put a bed in front of a window?

There is always a learning curve when moving into a new space. Placing your bed in front of a window or next to a window is the best way to put a mastress in a bedroom.

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