How Does Emma Mattress Arrive?

How is my Emma mattress delivered?

All Emma mattresses purchased on our website are shipped free of charge. Each Emma mattress is vacuum packed and shipped directly from our warehouse to your door. We’ll send you a tracking link once your order is received.

Is Emma mattress delivered rolled up?

How do the Emma mattresses get to you? The Emma mattress is vacuum packed before it is rolled. The box has dimensions of 45x45x110 cm.

Does Emma premium mattress come in a box?

You can expect the Emma Premium mattress to be packed in a box. It’s a good time to read the full review since mine arrived a couple of weeks ago.


Do Emma mattresses smell?

Is the mattress smelling? The Emma mattress has a smell that is new at the beginning. The smell will go away after the first few hours. The mattress needs to be in aventilated room.

Do Emma mattresses soften over time?

Most customers prefer Emma’s mattresses to be medium to medium-firm. Some customers say that they found some of their options to be more accommodating than they had expected. The pocket sprung version may be able to provide more support.

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Why is Emma mattress so hot?

Synthetic foams like the Emma mattress need heat to work and retain it. If you’re a warmer person, they can make your nights sleep uncomfortable.

How long can a bed in a box stay in the box?

Depending on the manufacturer, you can either keep it in its box for up to two months or not.

Whats the difference between Emma Original and premium?

The Emma Premium has a layer of pocket springs, which is different from the Emma Original, which has a layer of pocket springs.


How long does Emma sleep take to deliver?

Someone is going to deliver. How long is it to deliver? Delivery takes a day or two for metro areas. Delivery times for outside metro areas can be as little as 5 to 10 business days.

How long can a bed in a box stay in the box?

Depending on the manufacturer, you can keep it in its box for up to two months, or you can not.

Can I roll up a mattress?

It is not possible to say yes. Damage to the structure and materials can be caused by trying to roll up innerspring beds.

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