How Does A Pool Pillow Work?

The cover of a winter air pillow should be placed toward the center of the pool so that it doesn’t touch the water. As the water expands, the pressure is put on to the pillow, instead of on the liner or the wall.

How does a pool air pillow work?

Aboveground pools in cold climates need Air Pillows to close during the winter. The air pillow protects the cover and walls of the pool from the cold. The Air Pillow is used to relieve pressure on the pool walls when the pool water is frozen.

Does a pool pillow need to be in the center of the pool?

Yes, that is correct. The pool pillow needs to be centered in a way that allows for ice distribution. If the pillow is off to the side, there will still be an area to compensate for the encroaching ice, but this often puts a strain and tug on the pool cover due to the unevenly distributed ice and snow.

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Why do you put a pillow under a pool cover?

Water can pool in the center of the cover if the air pillow is not used. The air pillow distributes the water’s weight equally. The weight distribution can help keep the cover from sinking. It makes it easier to get the water out of the house.

What happens when your pool pillow goes flat?

If you have a pool pillow that pops or deflates, don’t worry. The pillow has done its job, that’s what this means. When rain, snow and ice accumulate, the ice will push towards the pillow because of the pressure on the cover.

How do I keep my pillow in the middle of my pool?

It’s a good idea to tie strong rope or string to both ends of the pillow to make sure there are no holes. The center of the pool is where the pillow should be placed. You can keep the pillow in place by securing the strings to the edge of the pool.

What can I use instead of a pool pillow?

An air pillow is used by many pool owners. If you already have one lying around, using a float is the best way to go.

How big should my pool pillow be?

A 4×4 ft pillow is required for pools up to 18 ft. A 4×8 ft pillow is required for pools up to 33 feet round. You will need a 4 ft 6 in x 15 ft pillow for all of the pools.

How tight should my pool cover be?

Do you think a safety cover should be tight? The safety covers should be tight and not move. A high water level in the springtime traps leaves and turns your cover into a giant tea bag, if it is too loose.

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Should I break the ice on my pool?

If the pool is already frozen, it’s best to wait for a bit of a thaw before lowering it or breaking up the ice. Don’t lower the pool too much below the tile line for safety.

Can you leave above ground pool up all year?

Can above ground pools stay out of the weather? If you want to leave them up year-round, you have to take into account the type of pool you have. Dismantling above ground pools may be more difficult than it is worth.

How many pool pillows do I need for a 24 round pool?

The pools should be used with the 4 x 4 Air Pillow. There are 28′ round and up and small oval pools with the 4 x 8 Air Pillow on them. The Oval aboveground pools have a 4 x 15 Air Pillow on top of them.

Should my pool safety cover sag?

The sagging of the safety cover is not a problem. The snow and ice are not supported by a safety cover. The cover is kept from sagging by the water underneath it. The person who sold you the cover should have told you how to use it.

How do you weigh down a pool cover?

Sand bags are cheap and can be used to weigh the cover. If your patio umbrellas have weighted bases, you can use them as weights for your pool cover to save time and money.

What can you do with air pillows?

If your local mail center accepts air pillows, bubble wrap and foam packing peanuts, you should check it out. Put plastic air pillows in the garbage if you can’t take them to a plastic bag drop off location.

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Are air pillows biodegradable?

A thin plastic film is used to make the air cushion, but it’s not eco-friendly.

What do you do with air pillow packing?

If you puncture air pillows, you can drop them in the bin. If you don’t reuse your bubble wrap, recycle it the same way as if you did. Don’t put these items in the bin because they can get caught in the sorting equipment at the recycling facility.

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