Can You Use Curtain In A Sentence?

Behind the curtain is where we should be hiding. The curtain was pulled aside by her. Is it possible to pull the curtain down? This room looks great because of the curtains.

How do you use raise the curtain in a sentence?

He lost his voice and begged the stagehands to keep the curtains down. There is a person on stage.

How do you use word in a sentence?

Word is a language that can be used in a sentence. My father had a heart attack, and I just heard about it. He left the door open and went down the trail. He walked out of the room without saying a word.

Can we use sees in a sentence?

There is a bus stop near us. The garden is visible to them. The third person singular form of the word is’sees’. We are able to use the pronouns ‘he’,’she’ and ‘it’.

What is called curtain?

In the case of a shower curtain, a curtain is a piece of cloth that is meant to obscure light, air drafts, and water. A curtain is a screen that separates the stage from the auditorium and serves as a backdrop.

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Is it curtain or curtains?

NounEdit is a tool that can be used. The curtain is more than one type. A set of two curtains, one on each side of the window, are often referred to as this word.

What is curtain used for?

A curtain is hung to regulate light at windows and to prevent drafts from door or window openings. The curtains are arranged in a way that they fall straight in the folds.

Is I seen it correct grammar?

To use seen with I need a form of the helping verbs have, as in I have seen perfect or I had seen past perfect. I saw her yesterday and she used a past tense form of the non standard phrase.

Is saying I seen proper grammar?

I’ve seen is not the same as I’ve seen. The helping verbs have and have need to be seen. The expression is “I saw,” not “I seen.” I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that old beat-up car.

Was seeing is correct?

That’s correct. The word perception is used in the verbs see and see. It doesn’t mean what you say it does, but that is beside the point. A man is crossing the street.

What is the meaning of raise the curtain?

This is the first thing. When it’s time to raise the curtain, guys, start shoveling. There are two things. If you want something to be public, let it be public. We won’t know what the new design is until they lift the curtain on it, which is one of the terms that occurs with on.

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How do you use the word raise in a sentence?

He stood up and looked around. She looked at him while raising her eyes. He drank from the cup and put it in his mouth. I peeked in and saw the lid was raised.

How do you use raise the roof in a sentence?

The crowd celebrated the winning goal by raising the roof. His mother was the one who raised the roof.

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