Can Nightstand Be Taller Than Bed?

Can bedside tables be higher than the bed?

The top of your nightstand should be at least 2 to 4” taller than the top of your mattress. It’s easier to grab something when you’re on the bed than it is when you’re on the floor.

Are nightstands supposed to be higher or lower than the bed?

The nightstand needs to be at least 6” taller than the mattress. It is more comfortable to reach up and over to interact with objects on the nightstand than it is to reach down and lie down.


Are end tables and nightstands the same height?

The dimensions of the nightstand and end tables are similar. The standard height is 25 inches for both of them. The end table’s close cousin, the chairside tables, have more narrow proportions that allow them to fit into tight spaces.

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Is 30 inches too high for a bed?

Is a bed too high for it’s size? While the average bed height is 25 inches, if you prefer a bed with a full look or taller yourself, you may want a bed that is 30 inches off the ground. A 30 inch bed may be too high for you if you are below average.

Do nightstands have to be the same height?

Many people choose to match nightstands, but it’s not necessary. The traditional approach is meant to be broken. You can have two different nightstands of different shapes, sizes and heights.

How far should a nightstand be from the wall?

A standard bedside table is usually 24 to 28 inches, but you can build your own, which will allow you to create a height that works best for your space. To get a glass of water or the book you’ve been reading, you need to be able to reach it easily.

How do you raise the height of an end table?

The table can be made taller by adding lifts, feet, or extensions. Adding wooden extensions to your table will make it taller. If you want to make sure you get the height you want, you can replace your table legs completely.

How do you decorate the top of a nightstand?

Add a set of 2 to 3 frames with your own art or photography and artwork that embodies the color of the room in a subtle way. Adding fresh or faux flowers will give the look a new lease on life. If you use art above the nightstand, place the lamp to the left or right of the art piece so you can view it.

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How do you make a lamp taller?

Risers are small things that make a big difference in our homes. In the same way as chairs and on the tables. Lamps and flowers are taller when they are helped by them. It is possible to stack a group of household items.

Do nightstand lamps have to match?

It’s not necessary for nightstand lamps to be the same color. It is a good idea to find nightstand lamps that are similar. It’s all you need to find two nightstand lamps that emit the same amount of light in the room.

What height should side tables be?

The end tables need to be at least two inches away from the sofa’s arm height. If the sofa’s arm is more than 22 inches tall, a proper end table can be anywhere from 20 inches to 24 inches tall.

What is the difference between nightstand and bedside table?

A nightstand is usually a small table with drawers. There is a small table next to a bed.

Can end tables be different heights?

End tables can be used in a variety of heights to add interest to your space.

What’s the difference between a nightstand and a night table?

A small table or cabinet that is in the bedroom is referred to as a nightstand, night table or bedside table. Next to the bed is where it will be placed. End table is a piece of furniture that is usually located next to a sofa or a chair in a living room.

Does the height of your bed matter?

Is bed height a factor in sleep? The quality of sleep won’t be affected by the bed’s height. The amount of comfort will be determined by the thickness of the mattress.

What size bed should I get for my height?

What is the best size bed for me? It’s easy to figure out the right size. You can add 6 inches to your height by taking your height. Pick the mattress that’s longer than the length you calculated.

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Why are Japanese beds so low?

The tatami mat, made of rice straw and woven with soft rush grass, is used to sleep on in Japan. According to the Japanese, this practice will allow for a natural alignment of your hips, shoulders and spine.

Does your bedroom furniture have to match?

It isn’t necessary for bedroom furniture to complement each other. Adding a natural flair to your room with an added dose of personality is what you can do if you mix and match.

Is it OK to have mismatched bedroom furniture?

Do you think it’s okay to mix and match bedroom furniture? Yes and definitely! There are no matching bedroom sets anymore. You can mix and match different furniture pieces in your bedroom to make it look more interesting.

Where should a nightstand be placed in a bedroom?

The nightstand should be the same height as the top of the mattress to make it easy to access. The scale should be in the nightstand.

How far is nightstand from bed?

There is a 3 inch distance between the bed and the table. Leaving just a little space between these two pieces prevents the furniture from looking crowded and keeps your bedside table close to your lamp, alarm clock and tissue box.

What is the purpose of a nightstand?

Before you fall asleep and after you wake up, a bedside table is important to have access to. If you need something in the middle of the night, it’s a good idea to place a table by the bed, as walking over to get it can lead to accidents.

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