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How do you sleep after a double mastectomy?

Patients who have had breast surgery should sleep on their backs, according to most plastic surgeons. If you sleep on your back, gravity won’t affect your chest muscles and you won’t have to worry about stretching and pulling your breasts.

What is the best pillow to use after breast surgery?

A wedge pillow puts you at a steep angle, which makes it easier to get up. The memory foam body is very firm and comfortable against you, which is why I recommend it.

Are mastectomy pillows worth it?

Keeping pressure away from your incision is one of the biggest benefits of mastectomy pillows. Seat belts dig into the surgical site on your chest when you ride in a car.

Do I need a wedge pillow after mastectomy?

Is it necessary to have a wedge pillow after a mastectomy? The healthcare team will likely recommend a wedge pillow for you. It’s not always necessary to have a wedge pillow. Helping with pain and recovery is something they can help with.

How painful is a double mastectomy?

You can expect some pain in your chest, shoulder, and arm, as well as some numbness in your chest. The surgical drain that was inserted into your breast area usually stays in for a week to 10 days.

How long does tightness last after mastectomy?

After the surgery, you will feel weak and sore for a couple of days. You might feel a pull or stretch on your arm. It is possible that you have throbbing in the area. It will get better over the next few days.

How long is mastectomy recovery?

A breast removal operation is called a Mastopee. It is used to treat breast cancer in both genders. Most people go home the next day after an operation that takes 90 minutes. Recovering from a mastectomy can take up to six weeks.

How do you wash your hair after a mastectomy?

Take care of your hair with your usual care. It is a good idea to wash your head. Use your usual soap to wash your face and genitals. Warm water is what you should use to wash your body.

How many hours does a double mastectomy take?

It takes two to three hours for one breast to be removed, and four to six hours for the other breast to be removed. If it’s done at the same time, it will take longer.

What percentage of mastectomy patients get reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is a popular option for women who have a mastectomy. More than 40 percent of women who had a mastectomy in the United States had reconstruction.

How long is recovery for double mastectomy with reconstruction?

Recovering from a mastectomy and reconstruction can take between 3 to 4 weeks and up to 8 weeks. Lifting or raising the arms over the head is a prohibited activity during that time.

How soon can I sleep on my side after a double mastectomy?

After a couple of weeks, you can either sleep on your back or on your side. Some women find it easier to sleep with a pillow around their neck.

How long should you sleep on your back after a mastectomy?

If you sleep on your back, your breasts will be in the best position to heal. You should keep this position for at least eight to twelve weeks after surgery.

How do you sleep with drains after mastectomy?

When shopping, be aware that it may be difficult to pull clothing over your head after surgery. You should pay attention to the location of your drain when you sleep. You may need to sleep in a recliner or on your back if you are an active sleeping person.

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